Set the Tables

I am now getting to do something that I have only gotten to do a few times, and they all took place during my college years and my ensuing internship. I’m planning out and setting up database tables. I know it sounds so fun and you’re jealous, or not. Actually though, I have enjoyed venturing into this area again after so long. The initial process just took place on my large yellow notepad with my trusty pen. It was nice to use a pen again instead of a keyboard. Other than writing checks, I haven’t had much experience lately and I wasn’t even sure that I would still write legibly. I also got to use a different part of my brain, or at least a different thought process. It was a small break, but a nice respite from all the coding in actionscript 2, actionscript 3, coldfusion, and html. Though, a sure thing to follow setting up the database tables is tons of coding needed to populate and output all the data that the tables will contain.