Shaving Filesize

The new DDA Medical site looks like it will be entirely made with Flash.  If you have been to the current DDA Medical website, you know that it is packed with a ton of content.  If you haven’t been to the current DDA Medical website, then you might as well check it out at  Not unlike the corporate DDA site, DDA Medical has a portfolio, a list of services with detailed descriptions for each, and a contact section.  All of these features will be included, while those other pages like links to DDA’s Awards, Green DDA, News, Meet DDA, DDA Firsts, Ethics, and Testimonials will be left to access from the main DDA site.

After all is said and done, it is still a ton of content to fit into a Flash file.  So how are we going to do it without ending up with a file in the high megabytes range?  Well, we are using many techniques.  The text content will all be loaded from an external XML file.  We will try to use vector graphics in every case possible for the animation and graphic design because they take up less memory than JPG’s and PNG’s.  We are streaming our medical videos from our streaming server.   Also, we are making many of the components of the flash file into their own SWF’s that we will then load later.  It makes the entire DDA Medical flash file a very dynamic application that is sure to be looked at as a fine office accomplishment when it is done.

If you want something new to look at in the near future, look no further than the new DDA Medical site coming soon.  It has plenty to look at, listen to, and read to keep you busy.  Though, you may want to be interested in medical things or it might be better to stick to playing free online games or solitaire.