Shifted Days

It’s a busy time here. I may have gotten more emails today than I have ever received in one day at my almost 3 years of work here so far. It’s getting hard to follow the tracks of all the different email chains. Luckily, our surprise one-day break due to forecast snowstorms is tomorrow, so I can give my head a brief rest before finishing the next half of the week. I wonder mentally how I’ll like the midweek break as opposed to the extra long weekend break. Will the concept of two mini-weeks bring me more rest and mental refreshment, or will the extra long rest that a 3-day weekend provides still reign supreme in my eyes. I guess we’ll see when I take it for a test run this week. So far all I can tell you is that I’m excited to have off tomorrow, but that could just be the living in the moment joy. Come Friday, that joy will be a forgotten memory.

At DDA, the 4-day work week achieves several things. One favorite thing for everybody is the extra day off. We still get in 40 hours so the other days are extra long, but knowing you have a 3-day weekend is always a positive. 4-day work weeks also save money for the business. Less heating and cooling are required when there are only 4 mornings to start adjusting the temperature instead of 5. Gas is saved for everyone as well. Some people have hour long commutes to work, so one day less of driving saves money that would have gone to gas expenditures. That time spent commuting is also saved for workers. Those two hours driving are two boring hours you no longer have to throw away to get somewhere. Waking up early is a major annoyance for many as well. So 3 sleep-in days sounds a lot nicer than only 2.

Regardless of how many days we come to DDA, we still get the same amount of work done. The graphic designers, programmers, animators, videographers, and copywriters all put their time in and get their jobs done. Our dinners just might start a little later than most.