The shoveling of a driveway after a heavy snowfall is something that I look forward to and dread at the same time. I am currently still feeling the recent shoveling adventure in the way of sore muscles. I am right-handed so I primarily shovel with my right arm as the lead arm and use the left sparingly. The result is an uneven soreness in my arms and back that has left me feeling lopsided. The soreness will fade though and I’ll be back to normal in a few days.

Anyway I look forward to shoveling for a couple reasons. A main reason is that it means that it has snowed a lot and I enjoy crazy blizzards. I also see shoveling as an opportunity for a good and different workout than usual. It gets my brothers up and moving as well and off their video games for once. I dread shoveling as well because it stinks. I might enjoy it for 20 minutes, but after that much time I am fairly well spent and feel satisfied with the workout. Unfortunately after 20 minutes of shoveling I can look down the driveway and see that there is a ton more shoveling to do. So it ends up being an overly long process with a bunch of breaks throughout. There is also the previously mentioned soreness that comes with it the next few days that isn’t fun. Stretching feels 10 times better when you’re sore though, so there is the silver lining.

Minimal shoveling is needed at DDA. We have a tiny sidewalk leading from the parking area to the building and that can be done quickly. The parking lot itself is cleared by a plow. It’s a lot quicker than shoveling by hand and doesn’t result in any soreness.  That way DDA can stay open in some bad blizzards with little or no delay at all. Then inside we can continue to work on our digital projects like 3D animation, video editing, digital photography, advanced programming, online copywriting, custom web design, and much more. We can handle almost any digital media service you can think of.