Slow Migration

Not too long ago I was having a discussion about whether or not blu-ray was going to take over DVD format for movies in everyone’s homes. I stood on the side of a definite yes. When DVD’s took over it seemed somewhat rapid compared to the slower migration on blu-ray. I think there were and are many reasons for that. First of all blu-ray started out competing against HD-DVD. While HD-DVD was an obviously inferior product it’s name was more obvious to the consumer as a high definition version of DVD’s and was easier to associate with the better technology. Also the new Xbox was supporting HD-DVD playback on it’s system, which kept it around a little longer.

Once the battle with HD-DVD was finally won, blu-ray then had to get into people’s homes. This has proved to be much harder for blu-ray in comparison to DVD. To use DVD’s you just needed a DVD player, but to get the benefits of blu-ray you need an HD television set in addition to the blu-ray player. As with any new technology, these things aren’t cheap, and when coupled with the recent severe recession, people weren’t as willing to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for an HDTV and blu-ray player. DVD’s came around during quite a nice economic time, so people had a lot more disposable income to use for this luxury.

In time though, people will get their high definition televisions as many have already. Then to take advantage of it’s capabilities, they will buy themselves blu-ray players and you will slowly see DVD’s being phased out of rentals stores and drastically dropping in price online. People want the best and latest technology and they will get it. Plus as time goes on the technology and production gets cheaper and in turn gets easier for all of the general public to buy it.

When the time comes, our videographers will be ready here with all the latest high definition cameras and video editing software to make your medical or corporate video dreams a high definition reality.