Picking Up Speed

I’ve already done three flash animations for a condom website that involved string drawings being drawn right in front of your eyes.  The initial figuring out of how to make a string drawing draw took quite a bit of time and experimentation. Now that I’ve done it numerous times, I could put together a string drawing in under 5 minutes.  I can use my old code from other string drawings and just modify the part I need to and then it’s done.  The rest of the elements for the animations are much easier to animate in general.  Other elements like the muting button and replay button programming and graphics have been done before so they are easily copied and pasted in the new animation with little change needed.  The ability to reuse past code in current projects saves tons of development time and in turn saves clients money.  Even using code from existing free demos or examples online can save development time and let’s me conserve a little brain power.  After all this time of making condom animations, this final animation has and will be the fastest animation put together while keeping the same level of quality.