Small Business Comparison

Now that I’m dealing with a Christmas tree business and working at DDA I can see the similarities between the two small businesses. Both companies are made in America and feature only American workers and products. There is no outsourcing of any work for either organization.

Both companies also highlight value over the lowest price. DDA does all custom work and doesn’t push any carbon copy websites so that every client can have a custom fitted and unique look and feel to their website that serves them best. There are plenty of competitors out there who can beat our prices, but you won’t get the value that you get at DDA. Plus you might find out that your website looks exactly like someone else’s with a new color scheme down the road if you go for a cheaper alternative. The tree business has most of our Christmas trees and wreaths brought in from North Carolina from an award-winning tree farm. There are higher shipping costs and more expense but the tree quality is evident. You could also get wreaths a lot cheaper at a supermarket but they won’t have the lasting power or quality look that ours do.

Both companies have also evolved over time as the technology has improved. DDA has continually expanded it’s list of services. What started as just digital photography now includes 3D animation, custom programming, video production, graphic design, copywriting, and more. DDA boasts the latest software, hardware, and equipment with HD cameras, webcam meetings, and a full in-house video studio. In 46 years, the tree business has gone from hand-sawing, hand-wrapping, and hand shaking all the trees to chainsaws, netting machines, an automatic shaker, and drilling machines for stands along with other improvements.

Amazingly both businesses also have dog mascots on hand. DDA has Indie who has joined in on some photo shoots and has his own blog. The tree business has Cocoa who is a tiny dog that wanders about through the trees as he likes.

The only differences between the businesses is what we offer, where we are, and times of operation. DDA operates under the energy saving 4-day work week year round, while trees will be sold all day every day for a month. Also, while you may need to come to the tree farm to get a tree, you can work with DDA from anywhere in the world by way of phone calls, emails, streaming video feeds, interactive video conferencing, and more.