Sneaking up on me

So how did it happen to get this far into December without me realizing it. I heard mentions of Christmas, but now it’s just around the corner, next week, and I am not prepared. I think the whole moving situation distracted me enough to not really be thinking about Christmas. Now I have to do a mad rush to the stores this weekend to get all of my Christmas shopping done.

Luckily at DDA, no tasks can really sneak up on me. We make detailed task lists that are sent to numerous people. So everything you need to do is always refreshed in your mind each morning you come to work. A flash animation here, some database programming there, and adding one of the graphic designer’s web designs to a site shell to top it off. It’s almost crazy how this system is able to keep you remembering what you need to get done. It will even have numerous other people aware of your schedule. Organization is a key to a great business and we have it here at DDA.