Snowed In

The snow pulled a fast one on me the other day. It managed to keep snowing through the night and blow around enough to create a drift against the door on my family’s house. The drift was big enough that we couldn’t open the door more than a crack. So we were able to experience the literal meaning of the term “snowed in.” A call to the neighbors was our rescue since they had a garage connected to their house that they could open.

The snow was very persistent and my dad said the final total in our area was reported as about 21 inches. I felt every inch of that when I finally got to shoveling, especially since the drifts were hitting 4 feet in some spots. I also had a shovel casualty when trying to pierce the hard snowplow snow near the edge of the road. Looks like it’s new shovel time for the next snowstorm.

Now that I am back at DDA, I can see that the work is piled up just as much as the snow and it will take more than a shovel to get me out of this. Some Flash animation, 3D modeling, and custom programming is all that can save me now. So of course to speed things up my computer started off by declaring that its volume was dirty and went through some time-wasting process to clean it up. That doesn’t help things. That’s just about as useful as a broken shovel near the end of the driveway at this point.

Well obviously the computer is up and running now, so I guess I’ll get up and running as well to get some work done.