So Many Languages

Yesterday, I had started coding in Flash for a client’s CD-Rom application we are making. Shortly after when I had started trying to test the bit of code I had written, I was getting all sorts of weird errors saying that a bunch of the built-in functions could not be found. I was just wondering if something in my application had somehow gotten deleted. Would I ever get to do Flash programming again? Will this also mean that something won’t work with the Flash animation tools? Will I remember to buy more little plastic baggies for my lunch tomorrow? All this and more coming up in a later paragraph so stay tuned.

So after a little investigation, I just realized that I had mixed up my programming languages. I was programming in Actionscript 3 but the Flash application being made was in Actionscript 2. Silly mistake, but now I know my precious Flash is still OK. I converted all my code to Actionscript 2 and everything worked nicely.

I run into similar problems when switching from completely different types of code. While the Actionscript switcheroo was purely due to me forgetting which I was using since they are both used in the same application, my other problems are due to overexposure. If I have a project that is all Coldfusion programming that I work on for several weeks, my mind will go into Coldfusion coding mode. Then when that is finished and I have to do a Flash project, I will need at least a half hour of “re-getting to know you” time with the Flash languages. I’d often be coding and then think, “Wait, how do I do this with this Actionscript?” since the initial way to do it that popped into my head was the Coldfusion way. It’s not a huge problem, but I think my brain needs to re-route itself sometimes to the appropriate compartments.

This doesn’t just happen with programming languages though. But I won’t get into the confusion I get when switching from 3D animation to 2D animation and vice versa.