Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has become a common feature on most websites.  If you don’t know what social bookmarking is, then keep your eye out for tiny icons at the bottom of pages or content.  Actually, take a look at the bottom of this blog entry where it says “Share and Enjoy.”Those little icons are exactly what I’m referring to.  Pay attention next time you are browsing the Internet and you’ll notice that they are popping up everywhere.

Social bookmarking provides a way to allow people to promote or share certain content that they find interesting or helpfully informative.  Having people bookmarking your site in turn can help with your search engine marketing and search engine optimization efforts due to it providing more links to your site on outside sites.  The fact that these little bookmarking icons are incredibly easy to add since they only require you to copy and paste some pre-generated code has made them a hit and their implementation has exploded over the past year.  The fact that they can make an impact through actual user’s saying your content is good and can get your website promoted on website giants such as Facebook, MySpace, and delicious may help promote the use of quality content over obviously keyword and link inundated content.

I think this is a good step in the right direction for the Internet so that people could hopefully concentrate on the straight-up facts and instead of forcing in unnecessary links. The science of search engines has been dissected and search engine optimization specialists know what works so that’s what they use.  Luckily, over time the experts have also found more seamless ways to insert links and keywords into content that are far less obvious.  Maybe there will be another new search engine in the future that uses new methods to rank websites that won’t require the site to alter content from what they may have initially intended.  But until then, people will have to do what they need to do to get noticed on the giant expanse of the Internet.