In college I had learned a lot about RFID tags and how they could be used in business situations. Now almost 4 years later I have read about some uses for it being put into practice. Unfortunately the article wasn’t only to brag about how great the new technology was. It was actually focusing on how the new technology can be exploited and used in malicious ways. RFID tags in people’s IDs to make quick recognition in things like border crossing and customs, which  opens up the possibility of their ID information being stolen by someone with a scanner just being in close proximity to them. RFID tags in merchandise that could be used for quicker checkouts seems like a good idea, but this article pointed out that criminals could just drive by houses with a scanner and based on the tags being in the trash or in the house they could know what certain items are in the house and whether they might want to try and steal them. That one is a little more of a stretch since the first RFID tag usage in products was currently only mentioned for jeans, but I guess in the future that idea might hold more water.

While new technologies are always helpful they usually have their problems too. As smart people though we have always seemed to notice these problems and form some sort of solution. When databases were first used for example, there were plenty of ways to trick the system and easily corrupt data or steal info from error code output and other hack type things. Once programmers noticed these flaws though, people made fixes to prevent them. Today, database programming is much more advanced and intuitive to stop easy hacks that can bring sites down or lose business. Computer viruses too are an example of a battle that seems to be everlasting. A virus is made that exploits a computer, then a fix is made to prevent it. Then a new virus is made, and a new fix is made. This goes on and on so that every needs a regular updating anti-virus software package installed on their computer to keep safe.

DDA has been programming websites for a long time and uses all the latest techniques to stop hacking and other issues. All of our computers here are also armed with frequently updating anti-virus software as well to make sure all of our data and our computers are safe from attacks. So whether we are working on graphic design, videography, 3D animation, copywriting, or something else, we know that our computers and data will be safe.