There has been a huge influx of spiders appearing in my room this past month. They aren’t little either. These are wolf spiders and some look like they could be up to 2 inches in diameter. I looked them up online and fortunately they aren’t deadly poisonous, but they do startle me way too often. They seem to be hiding everywhere and there are new ones everyday. They are fast and react quickly. The Internet informed me that September is the time that they go looking for a nice warm place to hunker down in for the winter. Being the only room in the basement, I suppose it makes sense that I am the only one whose room is being inundated with spiders. I just hope the migration of the entire spider population to my room ends really soon. I don’t want to have huge spiders pop out at me every time I come back from work or pick something up. It’s almost like the ending scene of arachnophobia in there for goodness sakes!

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