Splash Time

This weekend proved to be fairly rainy on Saturday, but it didn’t stop Sunday from being a beautiful day.  In fact it was actually hot enough outside and hot enough in the pool for me to take my first swim of the summer.  I haven’t actually swam in a pool for a few years now, but it’s just like riding a bike.  I had to revisit all the fun things to do in a pool that I used to.  Cannonballs and other stylish jumps, trying to hold my breath for a long time, swimming laps in different ways, springing out of the water like a fish/whale, touching the bottom in the deep end, and letting out all my breath so I sink to the bottom.  Good times, good times.

While I did all of the stuff I could think of in a pool for fun, adding all the stuff you can think of to your website may not be necessary.  Just because every other website has a contact form, or a flash banner, or a news page, or an AddThis link, doesn’t mean that yours has to or should as well.  When adding anything to your website, you should first think of why this type of element is used and then decide if it is something that your website needs.  Would you really want a news page if you never frequently have news that your target audience is going to want to read or care about?  Well no you wouldn’t, and it would be a waste of your money to have one added.  You’ll just eventually end up having a news page that is stuck with a story from 6 months ago that no one cares about.  Plus, an outdated story can make it look like your site hasn’t been kept up to date or has been abandoned and it instantly loses credibility with your visitors.  The costs for this unnecessary feature could really add up if you decided to have someone use custom programming to create an admin section through which to add news.

This is why you need web design experts like at DDA. They take your target audience, products, goals, and needs into consideration whenever planning out a new site design.  Then all the pieces from copywriting to graphic design will all be working towards the same goal and combine to make an amazing product with a purpose.  Don’t be afraid to give your own input though, since we want approval on everything and want you to be happy with the final product too.  Just know that we will let you what we are thinking as well.