‘Springtime Flowers Bloom…

…with an air of mystery.”

That’s a Corey Feldman reference for anyone who doesn’t know. It is a line from a song on one of his latest failed music attempts. He did at least print the CDs on corn plastic so they are biodegradable when people throw them out. That was an honorable earth-friendly decision that I wish the big music companies would follow.

I just noticed this morning that daffodils have bloomed in our gardens at home. I saw the plants poking up a few inches this weekend when it was nice and warm, but I guess over the past few days while I was at work they did a lot more growing. I find it amazing how much they grew in such a short amount of time and without any attention. It reminds me of a plant my family was introduced to in West Virginia. It was some type of moon flower that you could literally watch bloom in front of your eyes after the sun would set. The little buds would pop open and spread out their petals in a matter of a second or two. You had to sit and watch them to catch these occurrences, but it didn’t take too long to see one during its blooming phase. We never saw this before and it was amazing. We were also able to take a plant back with us to Pennsylvania, which we then planted at our house and watched bloom the next year. We have since moved and don’t have the plant anymore, but it’s still in my memory.

While those daffodils were growing, a lot of work was done at DDA too. Our staff did their usual routine of churning out quality website design, corporate video, flash animation, copywriting, search engine marketing, and advanced programming. The daffodils may be mostly done with their growing, but the DDA staff will continue working hard next week and into the future.