Square Peg

I was involved in a move this weekend. This move was out of a relative’s house and into a new space. It’s a space that can be ruled by yourself, without the parental tyranny that some face at home. It was a fairly easy move. We only used my little car to move things, so it wasn’t much, but more will be moved next week. The big ticket item that we had to transport was a dresser. Now it was a really tight squeeze, but we were able to fit the “square peg into a round hole.” Some seat rearrangement, an awkward angle, and a little elbow grease and the dresser was somehow now wedged into the back seat of my car. We actually tried putting it in the back seat, then tried the trunk, and then tried the back seat again before it worked. It wasn’t easy, but sometimes things can happen even when you think they aren’t possible.

Here we do a bunch of cool stuff that some would say is impossible. Great custom programming, 3D animation, flash programming, video editing, and more that can impress. It might seem like something can’t be done since you don’t see it on most web sites,  but sometimes it can. We’ll let you know. If we don’t think it can be done, we’ll find the closest way to simulate the same effect that you were going for. We even seem to manage to make the impossible deadlines possible, though not without added stress.

So bring your wacky web ideas or we’ll help get you going with some of our own. Then we’ll push the limits and see what kind of innovation we can produce.