Staffed and Ready

There has been much discussion at the Christmas tree farm as to whether or not we need to purchase more trees. On one hand we don’t want to be stuck with too much leftover inventory when the season is over, but on the other hand we want to provide any remaining potential customers with the quality and selection that all of the others have had. As time goes on only the less attractive and more damaged trees will continue to remain. People may just end up going elsewhere if the remaining stock is of poor quality. The same questions remain for the tree stands we sell, but with different factors. We ran out of those, but still have almost 10 days left of selling. Of course with all of these restocking questions we also have to account for the fact that most people will have bought their trees already and sales will not be as high as they were in the first few weeks. It’s an interesting balancing act and we will see if the final decisions we make will work out well or if we should take a different approach next year. While we could still sell extra stands next year, any leftover trees would just be lost money.

At DDA we don’t have any stocking questions to deal with since we don’t sell products, we sell services. With those questions out of the way all you need to know is that as long as there is a staff here to work, we can handle whatever media projects you want to throw at us.  We deal in so many areas that whatever might pop into your head, we will be able to make. We have staff skilled in copywriting, flash and 3D animation, videography and video editing, digital photography, advanced programming, graphic design, and search engine marketing and optimization. We frequently combine these services together in-house to create truly awesome projects. You can see some of our past work in our portfolio. Once you decide what you need you can give us a call or a visit and we’ll create a quote just for you.