Stop the Zombie Apocalypse

I got a new project to work on finally so I can rest my finger and eyes from the repetitive task of locating, resizing, and saving copies of portfolio items’ pictures and adding their information to the database. Today I will be flexing the old noggin again with some advanced programming tasks at hand. I already set up a jQuery driven slide show with accompanying text blurbs and have the content linked to a database, but I must now add in some admin programming so that the client can make updates for themselves in the future and change the pictures and text content. I was just sent another small update for a website form, and a third client finally sent us some test questions to start development on the testing portion of their flash animation website. It’s exciting to have a nice flurry of client work since several days of resizing pictures was making me cross-eyed and zombie-like. These new tasks should keep me busy for a few days, so my full zombie transformation will have to hold off until next week.

Do your part in preventing the zombie apocalypse and bring your projects to DDA. We work on all types of media related projects so I’m sure that we can handle whatever you have to throw at us.  Custom web design, copywriting, video editing, 3D animation, digital photography and more are all part of our repertoire so go on and get a free quote today.