Stormy Times

This whole week appears to be a rainy one.  The weather trends seem to continue following my theory that all the seasons are slowly shifting backwards, or it’s just coincidence.  This time it’s like the April showers are coming in May.  The good news is that flowers will look just as good if they bloom a little later.  The bad news is that rainy days are not as conducive to having fun.  After the rain always comes the sun though.

The same will happen with the economy (cross fingers), and after the effects of this gloomy past year or so finally pass, it will be clear skies for business.  People will resume their high demand for video advertising, custom web design, Flash animation, photography, and everything else.  And just as the rain is needed for the new growth that follows, you can see how this recession can help economic decisions in the future.  We’ve already seen that people are saving more, but also more people can be wary about taking out giant loans or just charging everything to their credit card.  Banks have tightened up and that may prevent some potential defaulted loans from being given.  This may not be the best thing to get the money flowing really, but I think it’s good that American consumers take a second thought before they buy that extra thing that isn’t really a necessity.  I mean we do all have a lot of stuff we don’t need already.