Streaming Fun

Resident genius on computer workings, Tyler, got the Red 5 streaming server to work so now we can stream all of our flv’s. Exciting huh? Well if your not excited, you should be. Streaming video offers many cool possibilities and avoids many problems. We will need to alter our flash programming somewhat to accommodate the streaming ability, but learning new code isn’t a new concept to us. I feel like we are always learning more and expanding our capabilities.

Streaming will allow videos to load faster. Less wait time means more people will stay to watch. Streaming also allows people to skip ahead anywhere in the scrub bar of the video. That means you don’t have to wait for the whole video to load if you just want to watch the last 10 seconds, you can just skip to it. All in all it’s just a smoother operation for the user and they will not run into any of the same problems that they may have in the past such as choppy video playback. I’m sure all the Flash programmers here are ready to try out its capabilities. I know I am.