Stuck in People’s Minds

I watched “The Orphan” with my family over the weekend and we all thought it was really good. It was reminiscent of the great Macaulay Culkin movie “The Good Son,” but had its own twists. I can’t say which one is better since I haven’t seen the latter in many years, but I consider them both to be great and both have awesome endings. My dad actually couldn’t stop talking about it the next day. He said the movie stuck with him and that he was thinking about it all night. It’s not a common thing for me to hear this out of him, but it’s an interesting side effect.

I know that getting something stuck in someone’s head is something that advertising agencies strive for, but is hard to achieve. Brand advertising methods can come in many forms to get you to remember them. Musical tunes and jingles that are easy to sing and remember are probably the number one way to get in someone’s head. Using catch phrases is another popular one that has succeeded a lot. Maybe just even a commercial so funny that you have to talk about it with others. There are many ways to get something about your brand stuck in a consumer’s head whether they like it or not, but you never know which one’s the general population will really latch onto and which ones might fall by the wayside. Just keep pounding out the television advertising, broadcast advertising, and Internet advertising so your ads at least have a chance to get stuck in people’s heads. DDA can do all of these things for you.