Stuck in Your Head

You know that song from the Muppet Show many years ago with the three muppets that entrenched itself into people’s minds whether they liked it or not.  I’m not exactly sure how the song title is spelled, but my best guess would be “Mahnahmahnah.”  You may already know this song and not realize it or you may just not realize that this song is from the Muppet Show at all.  Here it is for your own viewing pleasure: Mahnahmahnah! Watch it if you dare.  It will get stuck in your head.

Getting something stuck in your head may seem annoying to a lot of people, but it is an advertiser’s dream.  They would love it if you were walking around singing the tune to their product’s commercial jingle.  That’s their goal.  I remember buying Burger King’s tender crisp bacon cheddar ranch just because the commercial and song were so awesome.

With a website it may not be as easy to get stuck in someone’s head since they can’t usually sing it, but you can wow them in other ways that can make them spread word of your site verbally. A hilarious Flash animation, an amazing web design, or innovative custom programming are some ways to get people talking.  Another way would just be good old fashioned search engine marketing, which DDA also specializes in.

So if you watched the video I apologize for the rest of your day, and if you didn’t watch it then all I can say is, “Mahnahmahnah! Do dooo do doo doo!”