Stuff to do

Just a couple days ago, I saw us streaming a live video shoot for a client to view in real time to give feedback.  Yesterday I found out that we are using this technology for a new project that will take it a step further.  With the streaming video will come a live chat applet and PowerPoint presentation controlled by the presenter.  This is all becoming possible since DDA has installed a dedicated streaming server using Red 5, which is a free open-source version of the Flash media server.  Red 5 also enables us to be able to stream Flash video without any need to pre-load content before you can watch it.  You could skip to anywhere in the timeline at any time and watch the video instantly.

Every challenge in this digital age that has been thrown our way has been met in one way or another.  Whether it be in custom programming, videography, or animation, we find a way to make it work the way you need.