Successful Test

After working blindly with the code for streaming video and adding its various sections into the presenter, administrator, and viewer sections of the Flash programming applications, I finally got to test to see if it actually was working.  There were a few initial scares due to my computer settings not allowing Flash to access cameras by default and also due to my computer not showing the HD camera footage at all.  With those stumbling blocks having been encountered, the tension and suspense were fully built up.

Then the first good sign.  The camera feed was showing up locally on my computer. OK, good.  Then we tried the existing Flash streaming application.  It showed up on that.  Then the moment of truth, we had to try the triple file application of presenter, administrator, and viewer that all play different roles and have different abilities.  One by one I opened them up and each one displayed the video.  Hooray, success!  Along came the feelings of accomplishment.  You too can have a custom live webcasting application for your field.  We can do it, and we can prove it.