Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

I feel like the progressive cool down as we head into the autumn season has begun. The pool seems to be having a little trouble getting its warm temperature back after the last rainstorms. The sun seems to be setting a tad bit sooner. The air this morning had a much cooler feeling to it. So it must almost be time. September is the usual month so it’s about right on schedule and I believe Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer too. Labor day is a mere three weeks away and will probably encompass the last barbecue cookouts, family get-togethers, and outdoor picnics of the year as it is the last summer vacation day that people will celebrate.

I will miss this summer more than usual. Last summer was a complete bust so this one was almost two years in the making. My family and I made good use of it with plenty of outdoor playing, swimming, barbecuing, and gardening and I’ve certainly been enjoying it still being light out when I get back home. I guess it will be back to the treadmill all too soon as it’s not safe to run in the dark. I was planning to get a bike too, but now I know that any rides would be relegated to only being on weekends if at all thanks to early darkness and the danger of slick leaves and ice in the near future.

I know for many workers the end of summer will be a joy since they are forced to toil hard outside under the hot sun, but working in an office here has the perk of air-conditioning on those extra unbearable days. That lets us enjoy the heat more on the weekends since we take it in sparingly. It’s not all fun and games though inside the air-conditioned building. We are all hard at work here working on 3D animation, digital photography, corporate video,  advanced programming, custom web design, copywriting, and much more for our various clients to meet all of their various media needs. We can meet your needs to. Just give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.