Summer Come Back!

The schools are back in session and the traffic volume has skipped up because of it. That one stretch of road is again moving at a turtle’s pace because it is a school zone. That means 15mph for the stretch and sometimes the crossing guard will just stop everyone entirely. It’s the time of year to again add that extra 5 minutes to your commute time to accommodate. Driving home in the dark probably can’t be too far away. Now that the long labor day weekend is over, Summer is unofficially over. It’s getting darker sooner, commute times are longer, the pool will soon be closed, and there is a chill in the air, and it is all just a bit depressing. Fall isn’t that bad of a season, but all I can see right now is the end of Summer. Fall will have leaf piles, pumpkins, Halloween, and other assorted things in store for us. Then the real holiday season will kick in when we get all bundled up in our warm clothes for Thanksgiving and Christmas time. For now though I am having a moment of silence and reflecting on what I thought was a fantastic Summer season.

At DDA, I am told that we are now entering the busy season. Apparently Summer is the time that everyone takes vacations and projects are either put off or put on hold. So once Fall rolls around people will start or resume old projects. There will also be that push for the holiday season in Winter. Everyone will want to get their marketing projects set to lure in all the potential Christmas customers. So while it may be sad for Summer to be going away in general, DDA is glad to be going into the busy season to get some nice work done. DDA does everything from 3D animation, to videography, to advanced programming, to graphic design, and more. So whatever your digital or media needs may be, DDA can probably help. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.