Summer Tease

Forget yesterday’s weather because the 80s are back. Not the 1980s, the 80-degree weather. Today through Saturday should be all over 80 degrees and partly cloudy with only some rain possible tonight. That’s nice, but also a little bit of a tease again as to what we will soon be leaving behind. I don’t care if it is a tease though, I’ll take the nice Summer throwback weather tease any day. Even though I was ready to wear a coat today I didn’t need one when I stepped outside and returned it to its hanger. It’s day will still come, but it’s not going to be this week.

This weekend is dipping into the 70s, which is just great weather for football. Much to my pleasure for fantasy football reasons the Eagles will again be starting Michael Vick even though Andy Reid was firmly saying otherwise before the game. He had said that Vick could throw for 600 yards and 11 touchdowns (something like that) and Kevin Kolb would still be the starter. He was so stubbornly adamant about it that I didn’t think he’d change his mind ever, let alone the very next day. I don’t know if it was fan outcry, media calling him out, or maybe players talking to him, but he changed his mind. I wonder if Kevin Kolb himself said to put Vick in. Everyone can see that Vick gives them a better chance at winning, so Eagles fans are happy.

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