Super Logistics

I received my road bike this Friday in what I found to be an amazingly quick time. It took five days total from me ordering it to it showing up at my door. There were two days involved in processing the order and having it built. The last three days were all for shipping. Since it was shipped from Colorado I found the three day time to be really quick. FedEx must know their logistics very well. When I compare getting a bike from Colorado in three days to getting a movie from Amazon from places closer than Colorado in 2 weeks, it is quite a difference that doesn’t make too much sense to me. I didn’t have to pay shipping on either, but the heavier one that was farther away won the race to the door. I won’t look too much into it and I’ll just be glad that it’s here and I get to use it now.

After riding it on an indoor trainer for a while I shortly noticed that it was a big pain in my butt, literally. The seat and body position is different and would take a little getting used to. I was sore for a day, but got over it quickly and it felt natural just two days later. I rode it around the park and didn’t feel it at all. It was fast and fun. I just wish the paths were smoother at this park and there were less people to dodge. Regardless, it was an enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to do it again. On the negative side, I feel a lot slower when I’m running now.

Shipping speed is all a matter of logistics and I suppose is also a bit of how much you are willing to pay to get something to you fast. The thought that you can get overnight shipping on anything if you pay extra is crazy. I could order something in Colorado and it could travel thousands of miles and get to me within a mere 24 hours. That’s amazing! Thanks modern technology! At DDA we deal with the modern technologies of our time all the time. It may be limited to the digital realm, but there are plenty of things that are offered in that realm alone. Some that we deal with here alone are 3D animation, video editing, digital photography, advanced programming, custom web design, and more. So give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.