Take a Peek, Please

I still love showing off everything I make here at DDA to people I know … whether they like it or not. I recently sent my super awesome girlfriend (Hi Amy!) a giant list of links for her to look at. My family is also forced to gather around the computer often to see my creations. My parents are always thrilled, but my brothers act like it’s a chore. I know if they are impressed, then I have done well.

With 40 hours a week spent working on the most innovative Flash applications our minds here can muster, I have plenty of work samples that I can’t wait to show off. This is in large part due to DDA’s goal of keeping everything original and innovative. It gives me the opportunity many times to say, “I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before” to everyone. It also keeps my mind challenged and keeps away the repetitive boredom.

Even the smallest animations don’t slip though the cracks when I am going through my work samples. A simple logo animation was just shown along with my other things. I also got to display the improved and soon-to-be-live “Meet DDA” section that now includes video introductions. I have even shown off something that is nowhere near completion because it is already so awesome. It is a demo of a box that was made with Flash and papervision3D with an interactive button texture that opens up the box and does some other magic that I won’t yet reveal.

I have much to do right now to finish my current projects, but I am curious as to what new things I will get to make in the future. It’s hard to imagine, but I know it will end in me sending a link or showing it in person to my girlfriend, and forcing my family around a computer to try to impress my brothers.