Taste King

This past Saturday we decided to have a competition based on the reality show Hell’s Kitchen. We were doing blind taste tests of simple food items and had to guess what it was we were eating. So 12 different mystery items were prepared, blindfolds were dispersed, and test sheets were laid out. One after another, we were fed spoon-sized samplings of foods that had their natural textures concealed by preparation techniques and each time a tasting took place, you heard lots of inquisitive grunts and groans along with occasional gagging sounds. When all was said and done, I was victorious out of the four contestants with a score of 11 and I will surely hang my new title of “Taste King 2009″ over everyone else’s heads.

The tasting was a lot more difficult than I imagined as far as trying not to gag. We hit all sorts of tastes with everything from apples, to olives, to tuna fish, to limes, to …sour cream. Not knowing what is coming into your mouth makes everything harder to eat. While normally I’m completely fine with tuna fish, not knowing that tuna fish was coming had me gagging a little at the initial fish taste. I also don’t like olives, so that one was hard to swallow. Sour cream may have been the worst of the lot though. A spoonful of just sour cream doesn’t taste very good by itself. It’s much better as a complement to something else. Two people thought it was spoiled yogurt. The only one that everyone got wrong was actually the lime because everyone guessed that it was a lemon.

One of the funniest guesses was someone saying that salsa tasted like vomit and he loves salsa. Go figure. There was a large variety of tastes in this challenge and there are a large variety of services here. Many you will recognize and some you may not. Many you will like for your business and some may be as useful for you as… vomit. Whatever the case, you can pick and choose the services and get it all done here as you see fit. You may want a spoonful of web design, a spoonful of flash animation, and a spoonful of Internet video for your perfect combination. It’s all up to you.