Tax Day

Today is April 15th, also known as Tax Day. I hope everyone got their forms mailed out or submitted. Technology has made doing your taxes a much smaller headache than it used to be. Several companies like Intuit and H&R Block have made genius software that can take a lot of the confusion away from filling out all of those forms. The software acts as a sort of road map that guides you along the whole process from start to finish. They try to divide everything up into smaller, easy-to-understand chunks and have links to get more information or clarification for every topic. If you are still really confused, you can still get in contact with a live tax professional for an extra fee. The software also takes into account the new yearly changes to tax laws that you might not know of if you did them alone. The software also tries to see if you qualify for any of those other year-to-year new tax breaks and refunds that the government might have created. As if all this assistance and ease of use wasn’t enough, many of the companies also offer full audit support with their software. So in the unfortunate event that you do get the dreaded audit notice, a tax professional will be by your side to help you through the whole process.

Technological solutions to problems and annoyances, like doing your taxes, can make life easier for millions of people. The adaption rate of e-filing and using tax software only goes up as time goes on since the newer generations openly embrace technology like it. We may not know yet what the future holds or what the next giant breakthrough in technology may be, but we can all keep thinking and maybe that next great idea will be yours.

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