Tea Friendly

DDA has always provided the workers with a vast assortment of drinks for the work day and I know everyone loves the variety.

With most people having to get up early to commute here, we all need our pick-me-ups in the morning. Every office has a hearty supply of coffee and we do too, but we also have tea. Not just tea, we have a tea shelf. This shelf is loaded with numerous varieties of tea. Mint, green, regular, decaffeinated, orange spice, lemon, English breakfast and others. It’s a fun thing to pick your tea.

Another option provided, maybe for an extra cold winter day, is hot chocolate (regular and sugar free). With new hot drink in hand, going to sit at your desk to start working away at programming, copywriting, video editing, designing, animation, or whatever you do is a lot easier to dive into. Long live the morning variety.