Team Dependent

At DDA we have so many people involved in making every project that missing one person can bring production to a halt.  For example, we have a site that needs one more page to be made.  This page needs one more web design element to be made and then based on that element programming needs to be done by someone else.  With the graphic designer on that project out of the office, the new element isn’t getting made, which leaves the programmer unable to finish his part.  This example is fortunately not a big problem since we should still be able to finish by the due date, but for other projects where it could be a problem we would probably be able to use another graphic designer to take over the work assuming that they are not swamped with other work.

That was just an example, but it can happen with any position or project because DDA works in teams and no one can replace another.  A programmer can’t just hop in and have the eye of a graphic designer, just as a graphic designer can’t just hop in with the technical thinking of a programmer.  Everyone is an expert in their own area.  As they say, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”  For every project it is a “we can do it” mindset, not an “I can do it” mindset.  I can do my part, but we can only churn out the high quality work we do as a team.  You can see our high quality work of all types in our portfolio.