Technology in Rebellion

Technology is a great tool, but sometimes it just doesn’t want to cooperate or has an off day. It was announced yesterday that we would be leaving a half hour early because of snow and arriving a half hour late the next day. There was still something that needed to be done and emailed to a client before the end of the day and with the sudden chance at early departure, we were slightly rushed. When it started, I was imagining that after I got the graphics I needed I would have them put in and it would all be done and we would be leaving a mere 10 minutes later than everyone else. Boy was that estimate wrong.

Once the graphic designer, Judy, had the image finished she needed to get it to me. This is where the problems with technology started to appear. She first tried to email it, but I never received it and she eventually got a bounce back email. Everyone’s email was acting up and she couldn’t get it to go through. So she tried uploading it to the server but she couldn’t get a connection. So I said that I would just walk over and get it on a USB key. Most were locked up in an office of someone who left already, but we did find one upstairs. This though didn’t work because it wasn’t formatted to work on a Mac. Next she tried to burn it on a CD. This again failed for some reason and she couldn’t get her computer to burn the disc. She eventually tried uploading it to the server again and got it through at long last. So finally at about 6:10 I received the long awaited file and at least one more person was able to go home. I integrated the graphics into the flash animation, published, and uploaded it and was done a little after 6:20. Yes, that’s 50 minutes later and 40 minutes later than my original estimate. I alerted the project manager, Laura, and she finished off the night by sending the email to the client and locking up.

We are somewhat crippled here when technology doesn’t cooperate since we deal with virtual content the majority of the time. A blackout would really render us helpless since we are all on computers. When you think about it though, almost all businesses are heavily integrated with technology and computers nowadays. So the country could be in disaster if we had a national blackout.We can’t go around worrying about apocalyptic blackouts though, so we all continue on innovating. Luckily today, our handy programming staff was back in the office to fix the Internet and email problems that were terrorizing us the night before. Now we’re back to full steam ahead.