Technology in Use

I went to a friend’s wedding this weekend, which was much too far away since most people were all from the same area in Pennsylvania. It took place in Avalon, New Jersey on the beach and the traffic was bad on the drive there. Luckily we had a buffer time, built in in case of traffic and to just get there a little early, but that was all completely erased as we arrived minutes before the ceremony started. All went well except for the late, late night drive back home after it was all over.

I really enjoyed seeing one of my friends working as the photographer. He had started his fledgling self employment with just a simpler digital camera and random photography of whatever. He moved up and funded an amazing digital SLR camera with his other job and he used that for more professional quality photography. He would even go to sporting events and take pictures and sell them to parents. It was a good idea. He has since branched out to doing events and has done numerous weddings offering professional photography services.

As far as digital photography goes for weddings, he has utilized today’s technology to its best extent. After taking numerous pictures at the ceremony, he then could instantly upload those images to his laptop computer and used them for a slideshow throughout the entire reception. People kept gathering around to watch and see how the shots came out. It looked like he included many shots from the previous day’s activities as well. He also had his own business cards out, which I snagged one of, that are sporting a web address to his website ( He hasn’t bought his own URL, but was instead utilizing one of the many free blog sites out there. And why not, I completely forgot once I got past typing the address in because I was so enthralled in viewing the pictures. I think using free web sites for personal or small use is becoming more and more common and less looked-down upon by possible customers or guests.

Best of luck to my friend in the future of his photography business. It made me wonder if the videographer there was self-employed as well and how far along his career journey he was so far.  I don’t know, but best of luck to him too.