Testing 1-2-3

We are fast approaching the testing stage of the YBML site (hopefully) and this will be a daunting task. There are many places to upload, submit, and change information that we need to make sure are error proof. This is especially important for sites expecting a lot of outside traffic where there is no control over the users.

If this site was just for internal use by a small company we wouldn’t have to worry about this half as much. The workers would not try to break the system, fill it with spam, or hack other people’s accounts. They would want the system to stay intact.

But since this is open to the public, you have to watch out for malicious people. Things like uploading a text file where an image is needed, entering some data that is a million characters long, or trying to hack the system with SQL injection attacks, are just some of the things we have to watch out for and make sure can’t be done.

We will get to this at some point, but for now we still have to get the whole site built.