That’s Art and That’s Trash

This weekend I went to some fine arts museum in Philadelphia. It was actually two completely separate buildings and after going in each you can see why. The first building consisted of mostly paintings and some sculptures that were all 100+ years old. The paintings were amazing and extremely detailed. They aimed for realism and some even pulled off a photo-realistic appearance. They were a lot of portraits and depictions of battle and religious events. These were the kind of things that amazed me and I couldn’t imagine being able to paint that well.

The second building was a complete 180° compared to the first. This was all the newer contemporary art and had more  variety of mediums. Paint, sculpture, wood, clothes, random trash, paper, and other assorted things were used. There were still some impressive works in this building, but there were many more where I thought they were just horrible and a lot that I or a small toddler could have made. For example, there was a full wall dedicated to these water color paintings. They were painted on normal notebook paper and the images weren’t of anything. They were small, random strokes in the center of the piece of paper. None had any more than 5 or 6 strokes and the final results was never bigger than the palm of my hand. Did someone actually get paid to make this? They really looked like children made them. I certainly could have made the entire set of them in under 20 minutes.

This modern art is the annoying side of art where it’s all about interpretation and if you think it’s junk, the elitists will just say that you don’t get it and try to assign some absurd meaning to it. It makes you want to slap them and tell them that it is crap and not worth money. If it didn’t take talent and doesn’t look good, then it shouldn’t be prominently displayed or praised. Come on art people! Get your heads on straight and don’t reward the lazy artists with tons of money for stuff it takes them minutes to make!

I assure you that our graphic designers have talent and their finished products look good. We won’t try to pawn off any lazy or poor efforts as “art.” Our custom web design is tailored to your company’s needs and preferences. Since we also get your approval on everything along the way, we also know that you’ll like the finished product. The same thing goes for our other services like 3D animation, corporate video, advanced programming, digital photography, copywriting, and more.