The Beast

The dreaded beast has finally gotten me this summer. I can only assume that it stemmed from my latest lawn mowing session. Whatever the cause, all I know is that poison ivy has struck again. Nooooo! I am notorious for having horrible poison ivy reactions. I learned a few years ago that the more you get it, the worse every case gets. So while this is my first case of the summer, I need to be extra careful to make sure I don’t get any subsequent exposure in the next few months. If I do, I will end up like I have in the past where I become a human poison ivy creature and end up at the doctor. Oh boy do I hate poison ivy. It’s so itchy. My dad happens to be a lucky one who can’t get it at all. Why didn’t I get that gene handed down to me? Oh well, I guess that’s one argument to live in the city instead of near woods.

DDA isn’t itchy. DDA doesn’t bubble. DDA doesn’t spread. DDA doesn’t require a doctor visit. DDA is better than poison ivy. DDA offers many services for the current digital world. DDA does things like 3D animation, corporate video, digital photography, advanced programming, copywriting, custom web design, and much more. We do it all from one building and whether you’re in the city or near the woods you can use our services. The final product won’t leave you scratching your head.