The Beatles are Back

Today is the release date for the Beatles-themed edition of Rock Band. That’s pretty exciting for a lot of people and it’s sure to be sold out in all the Best Buys. This game might transcend the usual age barrier and lure some of the older folks into the video game world. I could imagine my dad wanting to play though I can’t imagine him being able to get a hold of how to properly play the guitar notes. Even so he might be totally content watching everyone else playing just so he can still hear all the songs he grew up with and loves.

This will be exactly the same as the previous Rock Band installments at its core, but everything else will be completely turned into a Beatles tribute/simulation. The characters playing the instruments on screen will be 3D animations of the actual Beatles likenesses. We’ve seen them as 2D characters before in the animation called “Yellow Submarine,” but never in 3D …until now. From what I hear, the instruments packaged with the game are supposed to look authentic as well. The game progression is supposed to follow the Beatles actual career path and include stops at many notable venues that all fans would recognize. I hear they will even be playing on a rooftop for one level. Cool.

Making this game was a brilliant idea. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have both been making special editions of their games that focus on one genre or music group, the latest being Metallica, but none yet have taken on a band with the magnitude of the Beatles. Word of mouth is taking care of most of the advertising just because of the excitement for this game, though I have seen a television commercial for it once. There’s also the clever little release plan to have it available today which is September 9th, or 9/9/09. This of course is in reference the the song on the White Album that repeats number 9, number 9, number 9, number 9….and so on. It was one of the more experimental songs of course.

I’m sure that there was a lot of legal red tape, permissions needed, and payment agreements to sort out before this got made, but in the end I’m sure it will be profitable for everyone involved.