The Cold Arrives in PA

The cold weather has bit hard this week. It has been great weather so far considering what time of year it is, so it was just a matter of time before the season caught up with itself. You know you can’t really appreciate a spring thawing unless you’ve suffered through the cold winter beforehand. Luckily the weather forecast claims that we will be pulling out of this freezing nosedive on the weekend and could be heading towards the lovely 60 degree weather again. That will be great and I will make sure I take advantage of it while it is here. It could be the last warm spurt we have for this winter season as we head farther into the dismal month of January. Aside from the freak November flash blizzard it hasn’t even been really snowy out as of yet. Maybe that will hold true for the season, but I’m sure we will get some minor snow at the very least.

The biting cold is one of those factors that makes me glad to work indoors again, while on the nice days I hate working indoors. You can’t really have it both ways though. In here it is work as usual as we work on our existing projects. We use our skills in things like graphic design, database programming, copywriting, 3D animation, Flash animation, video editing, SEM, and more as we craft our custom works for our clients. So give us a call or visit today and see what we can do for you.