The Digital Master

The NFL playoffs this weekend provided plenty of excitement. Other than Tim Tebow and the Broncos getting blown out by the New England Patriots, all of the other games were fairly exciting. The Saints versus 49ers game was probably my favorite as the kept trading the lead as the game came closer and closer to the end. It probably would have served each of them better at times to have not scored so quickly. The Ravens pulled out a win but for most of the game they couldn’t get enough separation and could have lost the lead with just one score. The biggest upset was the reigning champions, Green Bay, falling to the New York Giants. I personally think Eli Manning stinks, and yet he wins. Peyton Manning is better, but I think Eli has a better team surrounding him. I kept expecting a comeback by the champs in this game, but every time that they showed some sort of rally it was quickly dashed by a mistake or by the Giants play. I can’t wait for next week’s games and hopefully some more exciting quality match ups.

In the weeks between games, we pass the time by working at DDA. DDA is a master of everything digital. We keep it all digital from digital photography, to websites, to graphic design, to video editing. Everyone here is on a computer for most of the day unless they are filming something in our in-house video studio. That’s right, we have an in-house video studio complete with green screen, lighting, HD cameras, and whatever else we need. Our skilled videographers handle filming and editing duties both here and on the road. We often send out the crew to film events and procedures as they happen for projects. So no matter what your digital need is, DDA can handle it. Check out one of our many online portfolios to get a sense of the kind of work we do. Then give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you today.