The Final Piece

The main phase of the video upload site is done and it looks like we have one major hurdle left. It is an option to use your web cam to record a video for submission live and directly on the site. This, like many things I end up doing, is totally new territory  for me and may require some extra research, experimentation, and revision until I can make it work just as we’d like it to. So this should be an adventure. Hopefully there is a good tutorial or two already out there on the web for me to use as a guide.

With this web cam feature we are taking a step beyond YouTube’s current functionality and making instantly sharing a web cam recording a built-in feature. With YouTube you would have to record and save the video file on your computer, then go to the website and upload the video footage. With the ability we are adding, you will have the option to record your web cam’s live stream thanks to our flash programming. No saving and no uploading is necessary. Once you are done recording, the video will be up on the website and ready for sharing. It doesn’t leave any opportunity for any fancy video editing or anything, but a lot of people don’t have the software nor knowledge to do that anyway. This is a just a nice way to expedite the video process if you want to use it.

On my end, I will need to revise the existing database programming a little bit to save the upload method and tell the video player where to play the flv from since they will be playing from different servers.