The Good with the Bad

I am not a big fan of it getting colder again already and I can tell that my car isn’t a fan either. I was back to wearing a coat the other week, but now I’ve started wearing a sweatshirt and a coat on my commute since my car seems to be leaking fluids in protest and not giving me the heat I need. I keep end up being sniffly when I get here, but those first few steps in the door to the heated building provide quite a nice feeling. Unlike my car and I, DDA seems to be having a great fall as it is starting to pick up speed in the cold. The staff seems much busier once again, workloads are full all around, and deadlines are still tight as always. All this happening in such a quite setting.

I have three different full flash websites that I am juggling with varying deadlines and reviews times and have some 3D animations to work on too.  Rob is swimming in 3D modeling and animation work and the rest of the video department has a bunch of video editing to do along with a 3 day video shoot this weekend at a client’s location. I’m not as up on the other departments but I can assume that the programmers are always programming and the designers are always designing. I’d also be willing to bet that the writer’s are also pretty busy because of all the projects we have since they double as project coordinators.

So even though it’s cold and dark during all of my daily commute now, you have to take the bad with the good. The good in this case is that we seem to be pulling out of the recession slump and everyone has something to do. Hopefully, my car will be fixed and ready again for some nice and toasty commutes again by next week.