The Home Stretch

The fantasy football playoffs in my league are a mere three weeks away and every game has become more important than ever. This week’s game after last night is neck and neck and it will all come down to tonight’s Monday night game. My opponent and I each have one player left to play tonight and being as there are only two points separating us, anyone could win this. I will certainly be watching on the edge of my seat, cringing or celebrating with every play. This is the kind of thing that makes fantasy football so fun. Sometimes it will end in disappointment, sometimes in celebration. Either way it can be a roller coaster ride.

Fantasy football is made possible by technology. The websites are actually really advanced to allow all this interaction and customization and they are programmed to handle millions of users. I still don’t really know how they do real-time scoring, but they do. When someone scores a touchdown in real life, scores are updated in fantasy football within seconds. There do seem to be flaws sometimes though with the scoring. After week’s end, there are sometimes stat corrections that take place. I guess there must be a human error element somewhere in the process. I mean, someone has to actually enter the statistical data and people are not perfect.

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