The New Hotness

The new Universal Portfolio is up and running, but still is going through its growing pains. Yesterday we expanded its services listing yet again to now include “Newsletters” under the main “Graphic Design” capability heading. It’s just one overlooked service in a long, long list. In fact, it brings our long list to 120 services split up amongst the 13 capabilities and 5 markets. With all of the various types and scopes of projects we do all the time, it’s easy to see how one service could go unnoticed when missing from the vast list. Alas, it is found again and has been returned to its fellow service brethren.

One of our proofers actually stumbled across another bug yesterday too. Not anything obvious or outright displaying an error message either. It was a sneaky problem that needed a certain perfect storm of factors to occur. When this combination of factors would occur, the style sheet wouldn’t load. No glaring error messages or missing images, just loss of styles. So after finally being able to replicate the problem and determining the cause a new fix was programmed in. This fix may be the last because it’s working very well now and seems locked down. So take a look at our new universal portfolio. The portfolio itself could be an item in our portfolio. I’d give it tags of programming, graphic design, and copywriting.