The Office is Dark

Today the video studio appears dark. But if you look closely around the corner and in the back you can see a faint light in a little room. Someone is still there. The video studio still lives! The remaining residents are Tyler and I still working away by desk lamp and computer light while our three other studio roommates are all out of the office. I’ve never seen it so bare back here, it almost feels like I accidentally came in on a Saturday.

Nevertheless that means I get more to do as our missing accomplices’ work needs a new home. It only looks like one extra pressing project needs my immediate attention to be shown by the end of today. It just requires a bit of Flash programming and some fine-tuning and that will be done. Any of Jake’s video editing duties would probably go to Andrew if they were pressing since that is out of my realm of skills right now. I roughly stick in the areas of website programming, flash animation, and 3D modeling. But seeing as I need to keep learning new things as the months go on, my list of skill sets could be larger at this time next year.

The video studio emptiness may seem weird to me right now, but it won’t be lasting long. Come Monday of next week two of our three absent workers will be back with their lights on, barring any random illness of course.