The Pixar Touch

I saw “Up” last Thursday night with a bunch of friends and though it sadly wasn’t in 3D, it was still another great movie by Pixar. I also watched Kung Fu Panda later the same weekend while lying in bed on Sunday. This movie was also enjoyable but was not up to the quality of Pixar.  The difference between Pixar and other animation studios like Dreamworks is very noticeable.

One area of difference is animation quality.  Pixar just overflows with amazing realism all around with only the characters being the things revealing that this isn’t real.  During “Up” there was a shot where I actually stared at the screen in amazement yelling in my head “Oh my god! That looks sooo real!”  The advances in 3D animation technology are apparent and constantly getting better.  Kung Fu Panda kept a more cartoon-ish look for all the aspects of the movie.

Another area where Pixar excelled is the story itself.  Pixar movies can have a real emotional impact that seems to be lacking in other studios’ movies.  I call this the Pixar moment because there always seems to be that moment where it can just get to you.  Kung Fu Panda’s story just seemed more childish in nature and had a story that I feel like I could find on a typical Saturday morning cartoon with the same type of comedy.  It is more like child’s humor that may leave parents slightly bored.  Pixar’s comedy is more fresh and can appeal to both children and adults.  In fact I didn’t see any kids at the opening viewing of “Up” on Thursday night.  I still need to see “Up” in 3D because I just love the 3D effect.

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