The Sickness

The changing of the seasons brought me a new sickness. Since lots of people I know were sick recently, I can’t really pinpoint who I actually got the sickness from. This sickness was an interesting one though. I had really bad lung congestion and coughing and a sore raspy throat, but overall I didn’t feel too bad at all. I may have sounded really bad when trying to talk, but as far as sicknesses go this one didn’t have too bad of that rundown feeling that usually comes with it. I mean I still couldn’t exercise because I’d go into coughing fits at the hint of heavy breathing, but I wasn’t suffering over general tasks like getting the mail or walking. I am now slowly getting better. Each morning my throat hurts less and less and my coughs per hour count is dropping significantly. I even decided to try out a quick little bike ride last night to loosen the legs up and relieve some pent up energy and stress.

So as the work week comes to a close, I am probably back up and running at about 90%. My sickness hasn’t affected work at all since I felt fine to work other than the coughing and voice. So continued my efforts into advanced programming, Flash animation, and 3D animation for a variety of projects. I’ll make sure to close out the week strong with a nice beer at work’s beer time. Beer cures all ailments, right? I’m pretty sure that’s true. It might help my throat or at least let me not feel it as much. Anyway, give us a call or visit and see what we can do for you.