The Superbowl of Advertising

The Superbowl of advertising as you can probably guess is actually the advertising during the Superbowl. This is the one time of year that people are wary of going to the bathroom during the breaks. This is the one time that people look forward to actually watching the advertisements. All big companies try to bring their most memorable and usually funny commercials to be played here and the people are ready to watch. The commercials are sometimes even more entertaining than the Superbowl itself, and it gives some form of entertainment to those who don’t enjoy football.

To break the mold this year and stand out, it seems that some are using 3D technology to make things ‘stand out.’ It was a brilliant idea seeing as you would have to buy their product to get the 3D glasses in the first place. This is a glance at some of the creativity displayed and could be a view of the future of television. The movie industry already seems to be heading the 3D way.

Not many companies take the commercial jump since the price per minute for a Superbowl commercial spot could put many of them out of business. As a Philadelphia advertising agency we would love to get our chance to create a commercial for the big game, but are yet to get a chance. We have the ability to if an opportunity would arise since we have an in-house video studio with all the latest equipment including HD cameras. We regularly use green screen technology and have a fully capable staff in 3D modeling and animation and video editing, so all the necessary tools and skills are at our fingertips.