The Unforeseen

A few of my girlfriend’s cousins finally arrived this weekend in Pennsylvania after a two week road trip to deliver their grandmother’s Toyota Prius from California. Unfortunately there was an incident and the car was rear-ended during the trip. It could have been a worse accident, but the primary goal of the trip was marred a bit by the accident. Superficial damage is much better than incapacitating damage for sure. Anyway, I got to meet the California cousins for the first time and one of them looks exactly like Anna Paquin, who you may know as Rogue from X-Men or more recently as Sookie from True Blood. I knew she wasn’t really Anna Paquin, but I was still tempted to ask for an autograph. The family wasn’t too broken up about the car because the accident wasn’t their fault, and everyone had a good time.

When undertaking projects, things may not go as planned as well. With the most thorough planning there can still be unforeseen problems and questions that arise well into development. We know that the unforeseen stuff happens, so we take it as it comes and move swiftly to arrive at a solution and continue on. Quotes may have time ranges because you never know exactly how long a project may take and that can also provide a sort of extra buffer to handle the issues that weren’t realized until later. We are prepared for anything that may happen and are all skilled in our areas enough to handle everything from advanced programming applications to custom animation to graphic design to copywriting to search engine optimization to video editing to photography and more. We can handle it all from this one building.